Vimrepress Having Big Changes (Updated Beta Version)

Vimpress 已经升级到2.x版本,使用、配置都有改进,请关注在vim.org的插件页面:

Vimpress had been updated to 2.x, usage and configurations are now different, read the officle page in

Hi guys, glad to know that many of you are having vimpress forked to improved it’s power, while i’m also doing the same thing.

I’m working on a version that had been refactored a lot, changes include:

  • Commands simplified. No more BlogPageNew/BlogPageSave commands anymore, managing pages are available via the argument to the original BlogNew/BlogList commands, Meta fields shows you what kind of post you’re editing.

  • Much better Markdown integrated. No more MarkdownXXX commands. You can decide what you edit (Markdown or HTML) in the meta field, when execute BlogSave or BlogPreview, program parse the meta field to got things done.

  • More easier editing wordpress in Markdown. Markdown rawtext will automaticly uploads as an attachment file. Updating a post before is complicated, now after you write a post in markdown in vimpress, and then want to do some update, just open the post in Vimpress, it downloads the attachment and show you your original markdown text, when you BlogSave again, the attachment also got updated for further editing.

This version of vimpress is not yet released, for i’m still debuging, i just finished all this features past few days. If any of you got interested, go to my svn:

svn checkout

I separated python code from blog.vim to avoid my coding editor got confused about python syntax, i’ll combine them together when final release, if you want to try now, got to change the last line about the python file in “blog.vim”.

Now this version is now available as beta, you may try it for now:

I would like to hear any advices from you.

By the way, the document attached is not yet updated, the commands list below are “legle” in the new version, you would find them easy to use:

The document attached is now updated, you may refer to it about the new usage, which are all simplified and powerfied, command examples:

  • :BlogList – List 30 recent posts.
  • :BlogList page – List 30 recent pages.
  • :BlogList post 100 – List 100 recent posts.

  • :BlogNew post – Write an new post.

  • :BlogNew page – Write an new page.

  • :BlogSave – Save (defautely published.)

  • :BlogSave draft – Save as draft.

  • :BlogPreview local – Preview page/post locally in your browser.

  • :BlogPreview publish – Same as `:BlogSave publish’ with brower opened.

  • :BlogOpen 679

  • :BlogOpen
  • :BlogOpen
  • :BlogOpen
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5 comments on “Vimrepress Having Big Changes (Updated Beta Version)
  1. Auston_Jary说道:


  2. Conner说道:

    Hey Preston, I’ve added a few changes and updated the documentation at

  3. VimRepress Lover说道:

    Dear Perston, I’m using VimRepress 2.1.5 andI got the error message “xmlrpc error: Could not write file vimpress_xxxxxxxx_mkd.txt (Invalid file type)” after executed :BlogSave. If I changed EditFormat to HTML, the article can be saved successfully. Thank you.

    • Bafu说道:

      If you’re using, its media library doesn’t support .txt attachments. Here is a workaround:

      1. open blog.vim
      2. modify “vimpress_%s_mkd.txt” to “vimpress_%s_mkd.odt”

      Enjoy it.

    • BOYPT说道:

      That’s true, has a limitation on attachments.

      But I invite u to use the 3.0 version of vimpress, I change the storage from attached .txt to the database via the api, and many code rewritted.

      This version supports fully.


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