Manage multiple wordpresses with new Vimpress

Vimpress 已经升级到2.x版本,使用、配置都有改进,请关注在vim.org的插件页面:

Vimpress had been updated to 2.x, usage and configurations are now different, read the officle page in

If you noticed Vimpress before and got more than one wordpress to write, must glad now to know this VimRePressed support multiple configs and swith freely.

The new VimRePressed (Version: 1.2.0) Changes:

      Add: MarkdownPreview command to preiview markdown in browser.
      Add: MarkdownNewPost command to convert a markdown
           written post into html and set to the new post view.
      Add: Move blog configs info to personal .vimrc
      Add: Multiple config is now supported, and with :BlogSwitch
           command added.
      Add: Show which blog your editing at :BlogList view.
      Fix: Running :BlogList in the List view got error.

Now you got to wirte your blog config in your own ~/.vimrc file. (CAREFUL when your share your vim configure with others then. Use a source my_vimpress.vimrc instead. )

let VIMPRESS=[{'username':'user',

The syntax looks just like python or json, dictionarys in a list(or array), only that line brake need to write in the vim way.

BlogSwitch command rotate you from the first blog to the last, then the first. If you got confused, BlogList command can show you which one you’re connecting to.

Then the Markdown support. I added two command to save my time saving .mkd file then convert them into html then check in a browser, MarkdownPreview command can do this for me. When flawless, the MarkdownNewPost command switch me to the new post view with all thing I write into html, which is ready to publish.

Download: from google code

SVN Version also available:

svn checkout
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4 comments on “Manage multiple wordpresses with new Vimpress
  1. Conner说道:

    Excellent work! I adapted your plugin using some code from another version of vimpress to allow for the autocomplete of category names. In my opinion, this is nicer than simply printing all possible category names in the category field.

  2. Conner说道:

    Hey, a user said you directed him to my blog. I further modified the code so that you don’t have to hardcode the password. Instead, vim will prompt you for the password if it needs it. You can find my fork here:

  3. BOYPT说道:

    Yes, the user mail me about usage, i directed him to your blog with a video tutorial.

    I’m interested about your category names autocomplete, may adopted this feature in my fork later.

  4. Conner说道:

    I have updated my fork with several additional features as seen at Feel free to pull! (try git… it rocks)


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