An improved Vimpress

Vim has been so graceful that I like to have any text editing work done in her, especially coding and blogging.

As a Firefox user, I previously use scribefire to write to my wordpress blog, actually I was working with HTML, I don’t like WYSIWYG editing, which always creates dirty codes. However, scribefire is not good enought to me, many of my blogs includes codes, they needed to be surround by <pre> element to be syntax high-lighted, scribefire doesn’t always works that well with code symbols, sometimes got translated into codes that hardly understand, I have to login into my blog to correct those lines.

What’s more importantly, scribefire isn’t good enough as an editor.

Then I found vimpress, and sadly found it was totaly broken, which haven’t updated since 2007-07-13. Vimpress’s official page is also broken. I googled for it, found that vimpress was noticed by many other blogger, they improved it, and hosting working versions of vimpress in their own repository.

The version by pigeond, he posted a blog about his improvement, this’s first working version I got.

Then the other post by Erik, he had vimpress in another git repository, and discussed about his using about vimpress, what’s worth another mention here is, vimpress is communicating to your wordpress blog through the XML-RPC protocol, unless your blog uses HTTPS(then use https url in vimpress), or you password would be transfered in plain text.

When I found vimpress is written in Python, I feel eager to improve it. Firstly it didn’t support for wp-slug, which is called as ‘postname’ in wordpress, this is supposed to be a url friendly pattern, won’t hurt if people write posts in English, wordpress simply translate spaces in Title into hyphen. But in other language like Chinese, such transfer would be ugly, I often use an English postname for every post.

And then the image upload. Scribefire allow me to upload images to blog and insert the img element to the edit. I added this feature to vimpress.

I added more friendly notifications for exceptions proccess, and many functions rewritten.

Now vimpress is mature enough to fulfill my blogging works. I firstly write my blog in Markdown, save as a temp file, then open a new buffer, type :BlogNew, then :r !markdown my_tmp.mkd , my post will translate into pretty HTML. Then fillin those title meta data, then :BlogSave publish, done. Pretty, Simple.

I still think I should have markdown ingranted to support with Markdown.

My version of vimpress could be retrived in my google code repository:

svn checkout
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4 comments on “An improved Vimpress
  1. vzomik说道:


  2. Justin说道:

    Thanks for posting your updated version of Vimpress. I added one feature: You can now take an existing document and use the BlogNew command to convert it to a blog post (which can be saved with the header intact). This matches my workflow much better. I also fixed a bug in the BlogSave command (where draft was not getting assigned by default). If you are interesting in rolling these changes back into your version, you can get it here:

    Thanks again for the good work.

  3. nirvana9235说道:

    really really good job :-)
    Thanks to you, I can enjoy vimpress more than before

  4. brother pe770说道:


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    page content and very attractive theme.really i like this



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